_ Our Commitments to the Standards

Why we are The Best

We, at Power City, have a deep belief that all members of our team and staff are the most precious thing we have, and therefore the safety of our workers, contractors and beneficiaries of our business comes at the top of our priorities.


Our commitments to health, safety and security standards

we make every effort to establish, maintain and follow a safe operating and implementation culture at all times by giving security and safety measures the highest priority in all our business and activities and managing these measures optimally to prevent any accidents.

Power City and all its team members are committed to the following:


Our Team

Our team is our most valuable asset, and due to their efforts, persistence and sincerity in performing their assigned tasks, our company has been achieving many successes, exceptional achievements and sustainable growth in our business turnover.

During our first launch, we had a deep belief that quality is not only restricted to products, but rather to be comprehensive to the skilled workforce that uses those products for the benefit of our customers. Our team includes a group of highly qualified and talented engineers in their specialties, in addition to technicians with deep experience and skill. Our team constantly follow-up the conditions of the Yemeni market and the challenges that may face our customers, which enables them to develop the most effective solutions to meet the needs of our customers at the lowest costs.


Warehouse Network and Stable Supply Chain

Our company is proud of the exceptional customer service and commitment to meet the needs of our customers through our main warehouses located in strategic locations in our country, and we have a network of strong business relationships with many distribution agents for our products covering all governorates and districts to ensure our preparedness to deal with any project with the highest level of efficiency and professionalism all the time.

We are very close to you, wherever you are in Yemen.
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Power City is one of the companies within the reputable and well-known Al-Hajaji Trading Group in the Republic of Yemen. The financial stability and strong financing capability of the Al-Hajaji Trading Group have provided Power City with all the necessary resources and financial support to enter and compete strongly in any project, regardless of its financial budget size.


Our Capabilities and Infrastructure

Whatever the size of your project, Power City is able to implement it efficiently

Our company is equipped with the latest machinery, devices and equipment necessary to accomplish all the tasks assigned to us  and dedicated to implementing  all types of projects, including but not limited, transport trucks dedicated to transporting products and equipment to the workplace, heavy cranes dedicated to carrying out heavy tasks, equipment and measuring and testing devices for low and medium voltages and all necessary installation tools, including grounding equipment and surge protection devices.


Our Commitment to the Highest Quality Standards

We always exceed expectations through the quality of our products and services

Power City has set a main goal represented by ensuring commitment to the highest degree of quality in all of our products and services. We commit a holistic approach to ensure that all our operations stages are in line with such rules. Furthermore, we provide continuous support and maintenance to ensure continuity of high performance for many years. Our commitment to quality is clear in every act we do and we are confident that our valued customer will observe the difference created by our focus on quality.



Technical support and after sales services

Our after-sales service is the core of our services

We provide comprehensive after-sales support to customers, by providing technical support and maintenance services. Our maintenance workshop is equipped with the latest maintenance equipment and devices, and we provide all necessary spare parts. Our skilled technicians provide periodic inspection services to ensure continuous high performance of the power systems we have installed for our customers. Our goal is to provide peace of mind to our customers and ensure they are satisfied with every aspect of our services.