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Power City offers unique solutions with the highest standards of quality and performance.

The extensive experience and knowledge gained by the professional engineers at Power City over the past years has given the company the leadership in providing diverse and effective solar energy solutions for the industrial, residential and commercial sectors


On Grid Connected Solar Power Systems.

They are widely used and do not require batteries and connect to a commercial power grid. At Power City, we design grid-connected solar power systems as an efficient and cost-effective way to produce electricity that requires little maintenance and can cover most of your electricity needs during the day.

Sectors benefited by these systems:

on grid system
hybrid solar system


Hybrid Solar Systems

We, at Power City, provide this type of hybrid system that depends on the participation of two or more different sources of energy to secure electricity for the facility. It can be a mixture of both conventional and renewable sources.

Sectors benefited by these systems:


Off Grid Solar Systems

It is suitable for remote areas where there are no electricity sources, and they are connected with batteries to store energy. At Power City, we develop this type of solar energy system, which can be customized to meet the customer’s needs.

Sectors benefited by these systems:
off grid system
solar water pumps 1


Solar Powered Water Pumping System

It comprises an array of solar panels that power submersible water pumps in the wells. We, at Power City, supply, design, install and implement all components needed to operate solar water pumping systems, ideal for all types of agricultural uses.

Sectors benefited by these systems: